fashion collars

collar clothing
Сollar clothing

This collar clothing  is a big hit among the accessories. A variety of options were presented at fashion shows: metal, lace, fabric, decorated with rhinestones, sequins, beads, and a variety of shapes and colors.

Make a simple decoration, and options  are vast.

We will need:

Shirt with collar,
Beads or crystals,


collar clothing

Cut the shirt collar.


collar clothing

Attach a   thread to the corner of the collar and attach the bead.


collar clothing

Continue to draw the collar, sew  beads on the edge and beads in the middle. You can repeat the pattern on the photo or invent your own.
collar clothing

Sew the appropriate size bead instead of the upper button. Check that it does not open.

Stylish accessory is ready!


collar clothing

collar clothing

collar clothing

collar clothing

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