3D Butterfly Wall Display

3d wall art

3d wall art with butterflies is a great decoration for the kids room, which also can be a toy for the baby.

You will need:

wooden plank
paper, pencil, scissors


Step 1: Drill 5 holes along one side in the wooden plank.


Step 2: Draw  form of the plant / animal / cartoon character that you want to move to the felts. Cut out the pattern (in our case – a butterfly). Cut out 10 of felt butterflies.


Step 3: Each butterfly consists of two parts. On one side of the butterfly, apply thermal glue, put a wire on top, place the second butterfly and press.


Step 4: Cut out the bodies for butterflies and  glue.


Step 5: Apply glue to the bottom of the wire and insert into the hole.  Attach the plank to the wall.


The most interesting thing in this diy project that  felt patterns can be butterflies, also flowers, cars, planes. So it’s a universal idea for  boys and girls.

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Gift decor with paper butterflies

Gift decor with paper butterflies

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3d butterfly wall art
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June 4, 2013

3d butterfly wall art

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kids wall decor

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April 20, 2012

Butterfly for a bouquet

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