Appliqué Decorative Pillow

decorative pillows
Appliqué Decorative Pillow

Decorative pillow cases often are expensive and do not always manage to find a suitable one. We suggest you make an original pillow.


The Felt Appliqué Pillow is a great project to whip up with a few leftover scraps of felt to decorate your home.  Pillow designs like this will make your home decor stand out and really impress your guests. If you’re feeling creative, play around with your appliqué quilt designs and make a whole set quilt decorations.



To make this you will need a pillow case, colored felt, scissors and glue.

Cut out a pattern of felt and glue appliqué. Allow to dry for a day.

Our version of the Appliqué Decorative Pillow is perfect for a country style.

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