Tablecloth with appliqué

Appliqué flower patches
Appliqué flower patches

You will need a cloth, scraps of cotton or a cotton cloth, nonwoven adhesive, scissors and an iron.

Draw a pattern on paper and then transfer it to the fabric and cut bright petals, stems, leaves and grass. Affix them with a matching piece of fusible lining or by stitching them in place.

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home crafts, kitchen crafts
July 18, 2013

Ideas for interior: lush tablecloth

You can turn a simple tablecloth in a solemn, adorning it with lush ruffles.   To determine the amount of fabric that you will need: Measure the table perimeter and multiply it by two; To get the width of each

home crafts, kitchen crafts
March 18, 2013

Self-adhesive tablecloth

Do you not can buy desired tablecloth? Use oilcloth or a transparent plastic sheet and change the exposure almost every day. Arrange an exhibition of children’s work, photos and favorite recipes. How to make DIY tablecloth? You can use oilcloth

Heart paper appliqué patterns
Seasonal, valentines day
February 1, 2013

Heart paper appliqué patterns

Cut out the colored paper hearts of different sizes. Unleash your imagination! Make variety funny animals, butterflies. You can make pictures, cards, valentine cards.  Perhaps you will enjoy our photos so much that you decide to do the same. You

decorative pillows with applique
Seasonal, thanksgiving
November 10, 2012

Pillows with applique

The horse is a symbol of speed and endurance, joy of life, optimism. It is better if the horse will be directed upwards. The horse brings the wind of change and favorable changes in life. If you attach to the