Autumn arrangement

candle decor
Autumn arrangement

We offer a wonderful idea, how can create an interesting autumn arrangement.
You will need:

transparent glass vase
moss / grass / hay
a bowl


Step 1: Place the candle in a glass vase. If the candle is not high enough, it can be placed on a stand, visually lifting it. You can use  a deep bowl.

Step 2: Decorate the stand (bowl), so it was not visible. This is best to use thin twigs.

Step 3: In order to completely hide the stand, you can use grass, hay, moss.


autumn  arrangement

Step 4: Put a candle in the center of the stand.

Step 5: Decorate autumn arrangement with leaves to give  the autumn mood. You can use the yellow leaves (both natural and fabric  leaves or plastic). Glue each leaf on the perimeter of the outside of the vase


autumn  arrangement. Decorate autumn arrangement with leaves

Step 6:  Braid pigtail of rope or twine.


autumn  arrangement. Braid pigtail of rope or twine.

autumn  arrangement

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