How to sew a girl hats

baby summer hats for girls

It’s cute and very useful accessory.
Any lady of any age  must have a charming, lightweight hats.
By being a fantasy, using different fabrics, you can, based on a pattern to make some choices that are suitable for different outfits.

We need: cotton faber in two colors, buttons, satin ribbons. This pattern can be printed in A4 format. Cut four wedge of the hat. Sew together all four of the wedge.


Take a strip of fabric of different colors (the length of the strip is a half times more than the length of the visor), treat with an edge. I used the seam with a zig-zag stitch.

Make a line with a maximum length of the stitch. Pulling on one thread, a strip of fabric is contractible in the assembly.


Then sew the strip. Cut off excess pink fabric, sew a decorative ribbon over the seam.


Sew visor to the hat. Make the assembly back and add decor: ribbon with a button.


Hat for the little lady is ready!


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