Boho chic necklace

Boho chic necklace

Bohemian style is one of the hottest fashion trends! Boho chic is a mix of ethnic and hippie folk.  Make the original boho chic necklace.

You will need:


Light silver grey glass pearls: 20 small pearls, 20 medium pearls,

7 brown nylon cord of length 60 inches.

So, get started!

Take the seventh thread and start fasten it around the loop.



When the entire loop will be passed, tie the thread in a regular host at the base and cut.



Take pearls and put them on 8 threads and leave 4 threads blank. Try alternating small, medium and empty sequences to create an interesting image.



Leave about 4 inches for pearls; make a big knot of all threads.



Make a big knot with pearl.




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