DIY botanical prints on canvas

Botanical prints on canvas
Botanical prints on canvas

Today we offer you to combine two trends – botanical prints on canvas and bright colors.

You will need:
— Cold-press board
— Frisket masking liquid
— Paint brush
— Silk or plastic greenery
— Spray paint
— Eraser
— Kraft paper or newspaper


Apply masking fluid on watercolor paper with a brush. It will protect the paper from getting paint on it.
So we get the white fringing around the edges of the canvas.

Place the greens on a canvas.  The greenery should lay as flat as possible. (You might need to manipulate the piece, bending the greenery so it lays flat.) To do this, you may need an additional press. So the print will be more clear.


Botanical prints on canvas

Spray paint on the surface of the paper with petals. Give her dry.


 botanical prints on canvas

Carefully remove the frisket. Start at the corners and use your fingers to begin lifting the frisket off the board.
Use an eraser (a regular pink eraser works well) to remove the portions of the frisket you cannot lift off with your fingers.


 botanical prints on canvas

Affix print to a paper substrate, put in a frame.


 botanical prints on canvas

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