How to make candle holders

How to make candle holders
candle holders

Candle flame always fills the house comfort, warmth and comfort. Evening dinner shrouded romance and quiet conversations.

We show how to make original candle holders from simple materials !
Glass is the most suitable material for the safe use of candles. Take a glass cup, which will serve as a candle holders.

We need:
glass cup
lace ribbon

Use tracing vellum paper , which will make the candle holder tenderness and ease.  Tear the paper to arbitrary strips. Then glue widest strips to a glass. So do a number of layers, narrowing each subsequent layer.


How to make candle holders

Glue paper with a picture and decorate candle holder with beads and lace to your taste. Put inside a glass candle, light it and admire …


How to make candle holders

How to make candle holders

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