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If you can to sew, to knit and to paint, then you will like our craft ideas. Here you will find helpful tips for sewing and knitting for the kids. Try to do something with their hands, even if you’ve never tried to sew or knit – it is not just fun but also very good for your health and your budget.

Table Lego DIY: Tips and advice on storing toys

Table Lego DIY
for kids, kids toys
September 23, 2017

Because we’re all toys fans, including our kids, today we’ll talk to you about Lego! We will show you some ideas and tips about Lego table that you can easily follow in order to limit the chaos in your child’s

How to Teach Kids to Draw: instructions, tips and pictures

How to Teach Kids to Draw
for kids, kids toys
November 12, 2016

Your child wants to draw a medieval castle. But he does not know how to do it. Certainly, learning how to draw children is a goal that is hardly attainable if we do not know how to teach to different

Fall craft ideas for kids using leaves

Fall craft ideas for kids
for kids, kids toys
October 15, 2015

Autumn is the natural season DIY materials and completely free! Tree leaves, twigs, fallen to the ground, wild red berries and horse chestnuts offer a huge variety of DIY ideas and crafts for kids! Look our ideas and gather a

DIY for kids: cute owls made from paper rolls

Crafts for kids
for kids, kids toys
October 10, 2015

Crafts for kids is a great opportunity for parents to spend more time with their children. DIY for kids develop fine motor skills, encourages creativity and enhances the artistic skills. Owls are a popular theme for craft projects. They are

Creative leisure: crafts for kids

crafts for kids
for kids, kids toys
October 8, 2015

Creative leisure for children is a very fun activity. For the following DIY decorations you will not need much money or time. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and materials. DIY beautiful decorations are creative activity for children

DIY Rain boots for kids

DIY Rain boots for kids
for kids, kids clothes
September 14, 2015

The summer is over and autumn comes. In a few weeks the rainy season will force us to spend more time at home.  We propose a great idea to decorate rain boots and then you can enjoy during your fall

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