kids rooms

Decorating a child’s room – a unique opportunity to use their imagination and the imagination in favor for their child.
Murals, decals, collages and special nooks make a child’s room feel cozy and inviting. When mom is the chief decorator, decorating can be inexpensive too!

Doors: kids room decorating ideas

kids room decor
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April 18, 2013

Kids room is a world filled with fairy tale. Doors to the kids room must meet fairytale world of the child and create the aesthetics of his world. Comfort and fantastic world of childhood is not possible without doors. Make

Chinese paper lamps

Lamp decor for a kids room
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October 26, 2012

Chinese paper lamps  has become one of the most favorite decorator materials.  with just a few simple steps,  lamp can be a major emphasis in the kids room. Here is a diy ceiling lamp for a kids room. Materials: paper

paper bird

paper bird instructions
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September 2, 2012

These paper birds can decorate anything. They are so easy to make and are broad in application. Paper bird will find their place on the curtains, in flower pots, furniture and even on the wall. Paper Bird can be decorated

Paper Shoes

Paper Shoes
for kids, kids rooms
August 28, 2012

All useful to periodically engage in any creative work. It enriches the soul, mind, and consciousness. A particularly useful to engage with the children. It is absolutely easy. And for this you need: paper, glue, beads, ribbons, paper flowers.  Take

how to make a paper strawberry

for kids, kids rooms
August 14, 2012

This strawberry is not only appetizing, but it is an original gift. It can be used as candy packaging, gift boxes  or  the kids room  decorating. materials: colored paper glue scissors pattern braid Progress: Cut the paper strawberry template and

DIY: drawings of flowers on the kids room walls

for kids, kids rooms
August 12, 2012

This fun bedding can be used as a model for the wall patterns. Flowers seem to be carelessly drawn, but very bright and interesting.   First, draw a  wall pattern  with a pencil. Draw confident and quick movements.   Drawing