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If you can to sew, to knit and to paint, then you will like our craft ideas. Here you will find helpful tips for sewing and knitting for the kids. Try to do something with their hands, even if you’ve never tried to sew or knit – it is not just fun but also very good for your health and your budget.

kids toys:clown

for kids, kids toys
August 11, 2012

I suggest to see a master class on how easily you can make a fun toy clown. Materials: felt scissors thread and needle pencil glue batting   Progress: Cut out circles of colored felt. They should be about 60 pieces

DIY: kids rugs

for kids, kids rooms
August 7, 2012

This method is the fact that the patches do not need to sew. Everything is kept on the ribbons. The rug can be any size. You will need: basic fabric, a lot of patchwork, ribbons. Cut strips of fabric of

how to make fabric flowers

for kids, kids clothes
August 6, 2012

This fabric flower will decorate the kids clothes or accessories. You will need: 6 squares 4.5 X4, 5, A circle of 4.5 inches in diameter, buttons.   Petals: Fold the square diagonally and collect on a string of circular trajectory

How to make a kids shoes with rhinestones

for kids, kids clothes
July 25, 2012

Embellished with rhinestones, these kids shoes will make any kids stand out in the crowd. We need shoes(sneakers), glue,  ribbon, floss, rhinestones.   Wipe the surface of the shoe with acetone, and then proceed to gluing rhinestones.  Squeeze a glue

3D Butterfly Wall Display

for kids, kids rooms
July 21, 2012

3d wall art with butterflies is a great decoration for the kids room, which also can be a toy for the baby. You will need: wooden plank wire Felt paper, pencil, scissors Thermo-adhesive Instructions: Step 1: Drill 5 holes along

How to sew a girl hats

for baby, for kids
July 16, 2012

It’s cute and very useful accessory. Any lady of any age  must have a charming, lightweight hats. By being a fantasy, using different fabrics, you can, based on a pattern to make some choices that are suitable for different outfits.

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