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If you can to sew, to knit and to paint, then you will like our craft ideas. Here you will find helpful tips for sewing and knitting for the kids. Try to do something with their hands, even if you’ve never tried to sew or knit – it is not just fun but also very good for your health and your budget.

Chinese paper lamps

Lamp decor for a kids room
for kids, kids rooms
October 26, 2012

Chinese paper lamps  has become one of the most favorite decorator materials.  with just a few simple steps,  lamp can be a major emphasis in the kids room. Here is a diy ceiling lamp for a kids room. Materials: paper

how to make backpack

diy backpack
for kids, kids toys
October 16, 2012

In this backpack can carry or store any items. Materials needed: Sewing Machine cotton fabric Iron on Adhesive Handful of Pins Rope Safety pin Scissors Iron   Bend the fabric and sew along. Leave a small hole at the top.

bubble painting for kids

bubble painting for kids
for kids, kids toys
October 7, 2012

If you are a creative person and love to experiment, try an unusual way to create images – bubble painting. To get the beautiful picture, use a special watercolor paper. It has a special texture to the paint layer firmly

holiday gift ideas to make

diy gift for best friend
for kids, kids clothes
September 8, 2012

We want to share our original idea of a felt brooch. Due to its unique structure, felt can  cut, paste – just implement a holiday gift ideas!  Besides, it does not need stitch – you can just use glue. We

paper bird

paper bird instructions
for kids, kids rooms
September 2, 2012

These paper birds can decorate anything. They are so easy to make and are broad in application. Paper bird will find their place on the curtains, in flower pots, furniture and even on the wall. Paper Bird can be decorated

Paper Shoes

Paper Shoes
for kids, kids rooms
August 28, 2012

All useful to periodically engage in any creative work. It enriches the soul, mind, and consciousness. A particularly useful to engage with the children. It is absolutely easy. And for this you need: paper, glue, beads, ribbons, paper flowers.  Take

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