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If you can to sew, to knit and to paint, then you will like our craft ideas. Here you will find helpful tips for sewing and knitting for the kids. Try to do something with their hands, even if you’ve never tried to sew or knit – it is not just fun but also very good for your health and your budget.

DIY toys: cats

DIY toys: cats
for kids, kids toys
August 27, 2012

These toys are made very easy. Follow a master class in the images. For this job you will need: – Two fabric shades, but in one color shemes; – Filler (cotton wool); – Thread with needles; – Glue, scissors, pencils;

penguin gifts

penguin toy
for kids, kids toys
August 26, 2012

These three  penguins are original and funny. Kids especially like a gift, created by  mom’s hands. Select for the job natural fabrics one color gamut.   Following the pattern for one penguin you need to cut out of fabric: –

DIY: developmental Toys

for baby, for kids
August 19, 2012

First, we need to properly draw a pentagon. Next cut out 12 pentagons. If the fabric is thin,  it will duplicated interlining. Our ball is designed for heavy use, and therefore should be dense.  Prepare ribbons, beads, buttons and select

Headband Kerchief tutorial

for kids, kids clothes
August 18, 2012

Кerchief-length 37.5  and width 20 cm, Jumper length 17cm , width 8cm, elastic length 10cm, width 3cm. On thingies – two length kerchief and width 5 cm. Follow the instructions on the photo. Lay the elastic down along the bottom

how to make a paper strawberry

for kids, kids rooms
August 14, 2012

This strawberry is not only appetizing, but it is an original gift. It can be used as candy packaging, gift boxes  or  the kids room  decorating. materials: colored paper glue scissors pattern braid Progress: Cut the paper strawberry template and

DIY: drawings of flowers on the kids room walls

for kids, kids rooms
August 12, 2012

This fun bedding can be used as a model for the wall patterns. Flowers seem to be carelessly drawn, but very bright and interesting.   First, draw a  wall pattern  with a pencil. Draw confident and quick movements.   Drawing

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