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Recycle ordinary objects with these DIY craft projects to decorate your home.
With these home decorating craft ideas turning ordinary objects into prized possessions is easy.

decorative flower pots

We’ll show you how you can make not only practical, but beautiful things. You will need an old ceramic pot. Decorate a pot finishing stone.   Plot the tile adhesive on each stone.   You must wrap the pot with

How to Decorate a Plastic Flower Pot

There are a great many interesting and beautiful flower pots that can be purchased at your local garden center or nursery. However, you can decorate  flower pots that are more individualized, at a much lower price. Decorating flowers pots is

DIY Felt Box

Handmade Cute Felt Storage boxes

Felt boxes are a practical solution for storing small items around the house or office. A felt box can also be used as a gift box, personalized for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Felt comes in

A basket to store small things

A basket  – perfect to store small things. With spring well underway , it’s the perfect time to focus on getting organized while embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Our plastic bottle  crafts will not only breathe new life into plastics

How to Decorate Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can be decorated in many ways to camouflage a plain, brown exterior and turn it into a bright and personalized container. Wrap the four sides of the box with leftover wallpaper or wrapping paper and tape the paper

how to decorate a shelf

If you want to decorate an empty wall, it is best to use a few square shelves, instead of the standard horizontal. These shelves can be made most of the boards, but you can buy ready-made in stores decor and