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Would you like to the interior of the house was original, different from others?
What could be more exclusive than the interior handmade!
They did not go unnoticed, but create a certain style of the room.

How to Turn a Wine Bottle into a Vase

DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

We want to share ideas how to make a vases out of a glass bottle. You can transform an ordinary bottle as a couple of minutes and do a little bit longer. These crafts are useful not only for gifts,

Decorative wine bottles ideas

decorative glass bottles

Today we have decided to offer you an easy way to decorate a glass bottle in a modern and very beautiful vase. Use bottles in various shapes and sizes to create home decorations.   For the decoration of the bottle,

Cute decorating ideas

Cute decorating ideas

Small decorative bouquet decorates your desk, bedside table, coffee table or even a shelf in the bathroom. To support the color schemes, you can choose the fabric for flowers, repeating the curtains, bedspreads, upholstery and cushions. Each flower consists of

Decorative pillows

Pillowcase inspired by Domino

They are easy to make and give a new look to your living room or bedroom. Decorative pillow design in the form of domino emphasizes modern refined taste of the owners, especially if the interior is designed in black and

Vase: Waiting for summer

Vase: Waiting for summer

Bright flower vase will delight you and your loved ones in these spring days. If you want warmth and sun, then you need to treat yourself and your loved ones the summer mood. You can make this flower vase, whose

DIY Prints on the curtains

DIY Prints on the curtains
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April 11, 2013

You can change the curtains without prejudice to the family budget. Take paints and brush – and updated curtains are ready! Buy a stamp set or make them out of buttons glued to wine cork.   We will need: