Handmade gifts add a special touch to an occasion, especially if it is a birthday or another holiday. For upcoming holiday, create a meaningful present instead of purchasing something from the store. Your family will love the thought behind the gift and the time and effort you spent on making something specially.

Quick and easy decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day

decoration ideas for Valentine's Day
Our sponsors, valentines day
February 3, 2016

We selected several quick and easy decoration ideas for the feast of love. You will spend an unforgettable and romantic night. Often, the decoration is left for the last moment. But it happens that we have a little work in

Valentine’s Day ideas: original ways to decorate the fireplace

Valentine's Day ideas
Seasonal, valentines day
January 30, 2016

Today, the fireplace is a focal point in each home. Therefore, it should not be underestimated, especially for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. We will present different ideas for fireplace decoration.  Check our photo gallery and get inspired from our

Valentine’s Day decor ideas: cheap and easy to make

Valentine's Day decor ideas
Seasonal, valentines day
January 28, 2016

Decorating, food and gifts are three pillars of a successful Valentine’s Day party. We propose to make an original and impressive Valentine’s Day decoration! You could easily create the romantic setting, using the following ideas. The Valentine’s Day decoration is

Romantic gift ideas to spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Seasonal, valentines day
January 23, 2016

With the approach of the most beautiful holiday, we should start preparations to spend a memorable February 14! The Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to show his feelings. We decided to present some great Valentine gift ideas that

Christmas placemat idea

Christmas placemat idea
christmas, Seasonal
December 26, 2015

This Christmas linen placemat idea is very original. You could easily achieve with a few rubber stamps or stencils and some touches of red paint. Use this technique to decorate greeting cards, tablecloths, packaging boxes.

Christmas wine glass crafts

Christmas wine glass crafts
christmas, Seasonal
December 21, 2015

If you are looking for original and unusual ideas for homemade Christmas decoration, you can think about the wine glasses. To inspire you, we present you our photo gallery that will spark your imagination and your creativity. This ​​homemade Christmas

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