Handmade gifts add a special touch to an occasion, especially if it is a birthday or another holiday. For upcoming holiday, create a meaningful present instead of purchasing something from the store. Your family will love the thought behind the gift and the time and effort you spent on making something specially.

autumn bouquets

fall leaf flowers for bouquets
back to school, Seasonal
September 18, 2012

Autumn fully come into its own, coloring the trees in bright colors. A good time to try to make a  rose bouquet  from fall leaves. 10 maple leaves of different sizes on a single flower For a single flower is

construction paper tree

art projects with construction paper
back to school, Seasonal
September 13, 2012

Make these paper crafts with the children. Cut out the outline of any tree (I have 8 inches in height). Cut the trunk separately. Cut strips of paper 4Х1 inch. Fold as shown in the photo. Cut out  crown parts

Pumpkin home decor

Pumpkin home decor
halloween, Seasonal
September 12, 2012

We continue to encourage you to be creative for the holiday Halloween. Halloween is a very merry holiday. We see here a huge field for creativity. Rich autumn colors, the fabulous and mysterious stories and a large proportion of theatricality

how to make a 3d pumpkin out of paper

How to make 3d paper crafts
halloween, Seasonal
September 11, 2012

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. So many colors, so much inspiration around – it’s tempting to do creative work. Pumpkin  is not only a  Halloween symbol, it is a symbol of the harvest, fertility. And yet, it is

Preschool art

fall projects for preschoolers
back to school, Seasonal
September 5, 2012

Birds, butterflies, animals This is the most common form of the fall leaf art projects. Compose applique of dry leaves of different colors and shapes. Take not only autumn falling leaves , but the green leaves too. Then, the color

How to make candle holders

How to make candle holders
christmas, Seasonal
August 24, 2012

Candle flame always fills the house comfort, warmth and comfort. Evening dinner shrouded romance and quiet conversations. We show how to make original candle holders from simple materials ! Glass is the most suitable material for the safe use of