Do you know how to sew clothes or accessories? Do you it to save money, or annoy you the same things that filled the shelves of our shops? It’s a way to reveal their creative abilities.

how to make denim shorts from old jeans

DIY denim shorts from old jeans
skirts & dresses, wearables
July 18, 2018

Denim shorts are the most practical and comfortable summer clothes. Of course, they can be bought in the store. But we’ll go the other way – less simple, but more interesting – and make shorts from once-loved, but already “decommissioned”

DIY Crafts: How To Make A Keychain

DIY Crafts Keychain
accessories, wearables
July 10, 2018

A small keychain is not only a practical and decorative accessory, but also an excellent gift! Today we have gathered for you several ideas, how easy it is to make a keychain with your own hands at no extra cost!

Original handmade jewelry: cool projects

Original handmade jewelry
jewerly, wearables
November 12, 2017

According to the concept of sustainable development, one has to meet one’s needs without taking away the same opportunity for future generations. The use of natural resources, intelligent waste management and recycling are just some of its key instruments. It

Leather sewing: DIY ideas

Leather sewing
accessories, wearables
May 17, 2016

Why do we choose leather? Leather is a noble material that continues to amaze us with its softness and ultra glamorous look. It is warm, soft and easy to work. Leather lends itself to all our capricious desires. You can

DIY hobbies: easy ideas with buttons

easy ideas with buttons
jewerly, wearables
February 18, 2016

Easy DIY with buttons guarantees fun for children and adults. You can use buttons of any size and color to beautifully decorate your home. A good idea to combine what is fun and useful. You can make button gift for

Lucky charm gift ideas

Lucky charm gift ideas
accessories, wearables
January 10, 2016

There are items we associate with happiness. They are considered and often offered as lucky charms. These are, for example, the four-leaf clover, horseshoe, the pig and the fly-agarics. If you want to present your best wishes in a more

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