Do you know how to sew clothes or accessories? Do you it to save money, or annoy you the same things that filled the shelves of our shops? It’s a way to reveal their creative abilities.

flower gift

Make projects: flower gift
accessories, wearables
September 1, 2012

Do not throw away plastic bottle. We’ll show you how to make a beautiful and delicate flower,  you can decorate your hair. This original and unique DIY craft. No one will believe that you have used  the ordinary plastic bottle.

princess crowns for girls

crowns for princess
accessories, wearables
August 30, 2012

Crown is one of the major parts fancy princess dress. You can make a crown out of paper, cardboard, beads, tinsel, you can even tie the crown. Then, decorate the crown with rhinestones and gold ribbons. In any case, your

how to sew a leather handbag

How to sew a Leather bag
accessories, wearables
August 23, 2012

Genuine leather always looks elegant and noble, stylish and truly. Photo master class on sewing of leather  bag  from EvaForeva. It is very fast and easy!

art deco inspired jewelry

jewerly, wearables
August 15, 2012

Art Deco captured the modern world of fashion. This fashion trend did not leave anyone indifferent. Art Deco is a noble, but at the same time, glamorous style. It is the  fine ladies style, who knows a lot about good

DIY: felt brooch

jewerly, wearables
August 13, 2012

The brooch is quite old decoration. The earliest known brooches belong to the Bronze Age. In fashion wear brooches introduced Madame de Sevigne in the XVII century. This thing has become a popular accessory among French fashionistas at the time.

polymer clay jewelry

accessories, wearables
August 5, 2012

The more I hear about polymer clay, the more surprised at its diversity and beauty. Flowers, pendants, toys, jewelry!  It is better to watch.     I found some pictures that will help to understand the principle of creating  products

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