Do you know how to sew clothes or accessories? Do you it to save money, or annoy you the same things that filled the shelves of our shops? It’s a way to reveal their creative abilities.

Beautiful denim handbags

accessories, wearables
July 17, 2012

Pattern of the handbag, photo.   Patchwork is on the forefront of the bag. All the details are duplicated lining.   Sew the squares using a zigzag stitch.  Flower and elephant cut out of the lining fabric.   Make a

t shirt designing

tops, wearables
July 14, 2012

Surely every girl has one or two shirts, which are not used only because they are too simple. And you want something original and unusual! Why not turn an ordinary T-shirt – a bright and fashionable? So, we need: T-shirt

polymer clay jewelry

jewerly, wearables
June 11, 2012

We have already told how to make polymer clay jewelry. Here is another design polymer clay project project For this work we need: The working surface  should be smooth. I use white sheet of paper. I tried many different surfaces

leather accessories - bracelet

accessories, wearables
May 31, 2012

Cut a strip of  leather and glue it to the old plastic bracelet. Close the inside of the bracelet.   Draw the petals on the suede and cut them out.  Heat the petals over the fire.   Make the flower 

felt bag

accessories, wearables
May 29, 2012

A colorful bag will make the image bright and cheer up. You will need a colored acrylic felt, which is sold in any shop for handicrafts, leather trim and handles to the bag.   Cut the felt into rectangles of

polymer clay jewelry

jewerly, wearables
May 28, 2012

Every woman knows how difficult a good addition to the jewelry! Friends invited me to a party in the style of the sixties. I found a beautiful dress quickly. But I could not find the accessories. Polymer Clay There are

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