Children's Chest of Drawers

children's chest of drawers
Children’s Chest of Drawers

The storage for seasonal clothes and play clothes make a chest of drawers a welcome addition to your child’s room.

A children’s chest of drawers provides extra space for t-shirts, shorts or sweaters. Plus a children’s chest of drawers can also hold games and toys.

How to make a nursery? Oddly enough, not necessarily dye it in bright colors, to transform the ceiling into a starry sky, and the bed – in a pirate ship. You need bright Chests Of Drawers.

You need: latex paint several colors.


children's chest of drawers

Even people without any artistic ability and painting skills will be able to paint the boxes unremarkable wooden chest of drawers in different colors. By choosing the right colors you can solve the problem: dissolve harmoniously chest of Drawers in the interior or on the contrary, make a bright accent.


children's chest of drawers

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