Christmas arrangements

christmas decorations
Christmas arrangements ideas

Christmas arrangements are a great gift to your friends, colleagues, and just a good familiar. So, if you want to make a good impression and prove himself as a creative person, follow these tips.

For this Christmas arrangement, you will need: spruce branches, felt pieces, wood frame, wire, and scissors. Fill the frame with spruce branches. Glue small felt hearts in a checkerboard pattern.


christmas decorations

This Christmas arrangement is a real work of art! Create a garland using nutshell, twigs, dried flowers, hazelnuts and moss. Natural decor is mounted on a special frame made of floral straw.


christmas decorations

Materials: Floral ball, pine cones, dried fruit, nuts, twigs spruce, ornamental berries.

christmas decorations

Fill floral frame with small sprigs of spruce. Attach wooden angel figurine.


christmas decorations

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