Christmas crafts: Making A Sock Snowman

Christmas crafts Making A Sock Snowman
Christmas crafts: Making A Sock Snowman

This adorable sock snowman is a perfect preschool activity. Your child can make a Christmas Snowman without mother’s help.

This DIY project is good for those who are just learning to sew.


You will need:

Little baby socks of different sizes (bright terry – for hats, white cotton – for snowmen)




Colorful felt



Take a large handful of batting and stick it into the sock

Fill it with batting until it’s about 6 inches filled or so, tie a knot and cut off the loose ends.

Tie a ribbon a little more than halfway up the sock and make a tight knot (this is the little scarf).

Cut sock into two parts. Top of your snowman with a striped baby sock for a warm hat!

Embroider eyes with black thread, sew buttons.  Cut out the orange noses of felt and with glue, and a nose. Spout can be slightly longer and inserted inside with scissors.


Christmas crafts Making A Sock Snowman

Christmas crafts Making A Sock Snowman

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