how to decorate a shelf

Craft ideas for shelves

If you want to decorate an empty wall, it is best to use a few square shelves, instead of the standard horizontal.
These shelves can be made most of the boards, but you can buy ready-made in stores decor and furniture. But hang on the wall of untreated wood, or the wrong color is not worth it – let’s think about how you can decorate these shelves ….   If you’re looking for something creative to substitute, consider using old scraps of wallpaper to cover the shelves.

Step 1: Paint  the shelves in the color you want – it must fit the pattern on the wallpaper. In our case, we used the paint color of ivory.

Step 2:  Measure the length and width of your shelf.  Cut the wallpaper to size.

Step 3: Apply a little glue on the side panel of the shelf and paste wallpaper.

Carefully place the wallpaper onto the shelf, working your way from one end to the other end. Smooth the paper with your hands as you lay it down to ensure there are no air pockets or bubbles.

That’s the result! Very simple, fast and cheap.


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