tin can vases

crafts with tin cans

It is a very simple idea of the crafts with tin cans, which can make even a child.  It is possible to decorate a kids room, to use as pencil holders for kids or as a flower vase. For its production requires a minimum of materials.  For its production requires a minimum of materials.

We need:
• Cloth
• tin can
• Scissors
• Mod Podge and brush
• Flexible tape measure

Measure the height and circumference of your tin cans.
In our case – 4 inches in height and 8,5 inches in girth. Cut the fabric. At an altitude of exactly 4 inches cut, as it was in the measurements, but on the circumference with a little margin – 9 inches.


Completely cover the  tin can with glue.


Wrap  the fabric around the  tin can and give the glue to dry. Once again, cover the can with glue to make sure that the fabric will hold firmly and evenly.


Once the glue is dry, with scissors cut the excess fabric.


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