Creative ideas: crayon melting art designs

Creative ideas: crayon melting art designs
Creative ideas: crayon melting art designs

Create your own picture on a very interesting recipe. And it will be a great home decoration.

We will need:

Paper or canvas
Colored wax crayons

1. Prepare colored wax crayons.
2. Now with glue attach wax crayons at the top of the canvas, alternating the colors in random order.
3. Wait for the glue dries. And now the fun part. Put the canvas vertically and melt wax crayons with dryer hot air.


Creative ideas:  crayon melting art designs

4. You can get intricate patterns by changing the angle and rotating the canvas to the right to the left.
5. When you’re satisfied with the result, place the painting to dry ..


Creative ideas:  crayon melting art designs



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