Cupcake Postcards

Cupcake Postcards
Cupcake Postcards

Creative people can make a lot of different and interesting ideas thanks to the able hands. Someone starts to do excellent work with paint, pencil or charcoal. Someone using a cloth can make amazing things.

Today we talk about one of the types of crafts – scrapbooking. This is work with paper and decor. With this technique you can make very beautiful album, books, and postcards and so on.


For work, we need:

Paper for scrapbooking



Double-sided scotch,

Acrylic paint,





This is the template for our postcards.

Cupcake Postcards

You can print it on a sheet of A4.

Cut out all the details according to the contour.

And transfer this template on scrapbooking paper with a pencil.

Cut out all the details very carefully according to the contour.

And then use your imagination to decorate the postcards.

Here are some interesting ideas for inspiration.

Cupcake Postcards

Cupcake Postcards

Cupcake Postcards

Cupcake Postcards

Cupcake Postcards

Cupcake Postcards

Cupcake Postcards

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