How to Decorate Cardboard Boxes

Decorative storage boxes

Cardboard boxes can be decorated in many ways to camouflage a plain, brown exterior and turn it into a bright and personalized container.

Wrap the four sides of the box with leftover wallpaper or wrapping paper and tape the paper together where it joins. If there is excess paper, trim the top with scissors until there is about an inch of paper above the rim of the box. Fold the excess paper down onto the inner wall of the box and glue or tape it down.


Decorative storage boxes can enhance any decor as well as be useful.  You can paint these boxes any color to match your decor. Make them your own by using different colors of paint.


A simple box can be stylish and beautiful element of the interior.


Cut circles, squares, stars or hearts out of construction paper. Create designs or patterns on the sides, or decorate the border of the box with the construction paper, and glue it with Elmer’s glue.

Draw on the outside of the box with marker. Try drawing the shapes that you glued onto the box, or draw whatever pictures come to mind—be creative.


Using fabric to cover boxes is an inexpensive way to decorate a room. Fabric-covered boxes have many uses and can help disguise clutter.


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