How to Make Baby Toys

Developmental Toys

Babies take new information every second of every hour. There are many ways to aid a baby’s unfolding process of growth and development. One of the best things you can give a baby is a toy. Toys specifically designed to meet a baby’s needs can help any baby learn and grow

Materials needed:

The fabric for the body, two types (I took a terry and velor)
Fabric for pappus and wings (I have calico)
Ribbon – different colors and textures – for the beak, legs and tail,
Beads for the tail (I have a wood),
Buttons – 2 for larger to the eye, and 2 smaller.

Make a pattern. I drew all details, it is simple. I took a sheet of cardboard and painted parts of a rooster, cut out and transferred to the cloth. Start with the body.Sew buttons, eyes. On the reverse side sew small buttons to lock eyes.
This is important, safety comes first!

We sew the wings:
Grind off part of calico, turns and paste the part of the rustling of paper. Decorate stitch inside the lining and cut away the excess.

Get the two wings.

The same procedure with:
The bottom of the scallop cut away to form the head – a semi-circle and make small incisions almost the entire width of the seam allowance.

Make a template for the tail. All connect and sew.

First the body. Shear off the body parts and put the wing between them. The same thing we do with the second half of a torso.
Now take a piece of body and begin to pin her legs, beak (pieces of tape), a tail comb.
All  sew. The result is like this:


Now we need to attach the second piece of the body.


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