DIY Christmas candle

DIY Christmas candle
DIY Christmas candle

Seasonal candles, warm blankets and evenings by the fireplace give warm and mood. Therefore, it is not surprising that all the accessories those make the interior even more pleasant and warm, are “welcome”.

You can make our home comfortable and cozy despite the bad weather. Yes, creativity is the cleverest way to not pay attention to cold, wind and rain.

It is not necessary to buy new decorations every year to bring the atmosphere of Christmas at home. On the contrary, DIY decorative object is much more special and significant.

For this Christmas, we offer to make a glass candle holder!

You will need the following supplies:

A glass jar

Adhesive craft paper

Scissors + pencil


A foam sponge

DIY Christmas candle

To create this Christmas candle, you should follow the following step:

Start by cutting your stars in your adhesive craft paper.

Stick your stars on the outside of your glass jar. For a more aesthetic result, you can make stars of different size.

Paint a glass jar using foam sponge.

Wait until your paint is completely dry before you place your candle inside.

DIY Christmas candle

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