DIY Crafts: How To Make A Keychain

DIY Crafts Keychain
DIY Crafts: How To Make A Keychain

A small keychain is not only a practical and decorative accessory, but also an excellent gift! Today we have gathered for you several ideas, how easy it is to make a keychain with your own hands at no extra cost!

In addition to allowing you easily find your keys, the keychain is a kind of jewel that reflects the personal style of its owner.

As for the design of the keychain, it can be made of leather, wood beads, felt, etc. The modeling clay is also an excellent alternative to succeed. To decorate the accessory, you can use a glitter, acrylic paint, pearls and so on.

An excellent idea of ​​a keychain DIY design, it is made of leather. The material is increasingly used for the manufacture of various decorative objects as easy to achieve as very practical.

The leather tassels that embellish the keyring are, lately, a very popular decorative accessory. Do it yourself, it’s more than easy!

keychain DIY-paint-wood

keychain DIY-wood

key holder DIY-decoration-tassels-leather

key holder DIY-decoration-paint-wood

keychain DIY-beads

keychain DIY-leather-colors

key holder DIY-leather-multicolored-accessory

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