How to Make Your Own Tablecloth

Beautiful tablecloth with his own hands
DIY Crafts: How to Make Your Own Tablecloth

Dress up your table with some fun DIY crafts. If your dining room is looking a boring, adding a tablecloth can quickly change things. A tablecloth is a great way to introduce style, color and texture to a room.


You will need:


Any sufficiently dense cloth preferably made ​​of natural fibers,

Several brushes of different sizes,

Special paint for fabrics

Slightly dried fruit halves


Apply the paint at fruit half, from the center to the edges. It is important to learn to take the right amount paint so that paint does not spread. To do this, it makes sense to practice on other cloth.


Put something soft and dense enough (paint permeate through tablecloth) under tablecloth. Press the fruit firmly against tablecloths and keep them a few seconds to figure well imprinted.


It’s a great way to give your tablecloth uniqueness.


Beautiful tablecloth with his own hands

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