halloween floral arrangement

halloween floral arrangement
DIY: halloween floral arrangement

Halloween is unthinkable without pumpkins! Let’s make an original halloween floral arrangements, in which there is a place and a symbolic pumpkins, bats and  spiders. Believe me, your work will not go unnoticed at a holiday party.

We need:

small basket
4 mini pumpkins
floral foam for fresh flowers,
plastic film,
floral wire,
red and yellow roses,
glue, black paper,
pencil, knife and scissors.


halloween floral arrangement

Soak floral foam in the tank with water. Put plastic wrap inside basket to keep the water out of the foam does not leak out. Then put the  floral foam. The floral arrangement basis is ready.

Cut up the sticks into four parts (by number of pumpkins), each to sharpen with a knife. After that, they insert to the pumpkin, and the free end is inserted in the floral foam. Pumpkins are placed at a distance from each other.


halloween floral arrangement

Prepare the roses. To do this, they need to be heavily cut. We put the roses in the spaces between the pumpkins.


halloween floral arrangement

Now paint three bats on black paper and cut up. (Wingspan mouse should not exceed 4 inches).


halloween floral arrangement

Glue paper bats on the pumpkins – floral arrangement acquires a mysterious look.


Glue paper bats on the pumpkins - floral arrangement acquires a mysterious look.

Cut the floral wire into four segments and make the spiders.


Cut the floral wire into four segments and make the spiders.

Straighten legs spider, giving them a natural form.  Attach the spider to the basket.


Straighten legs spider, giving them a natural form.  Attach the spider to the basket.

Our work is done! It will not take away a lot of time and do not require expensive materials, but this does not detract from its beauty.


halloween floral arrangement

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