Wood hangers

towel hangers for bathroom
DIY hangers

Many people like to do something with their own hands.

Are you looking for a unique bathroom décor that is as functional as it is stylish? The following tutorial will show you how to make a decorative towel hangers for bathroom.

The most important thing is to determine the hanger shape and its dimensions.

To your towel hanger is bright, we propose to decorate it with flowers.


Materials and tools:

– A piece of wood

– White acrylic paint

– hooks

– Decoupage paper

– Acrylic lacquer


We need a long plank. Paint it white acrylic paint.

While the paint is still wet, take a decoupage paper and glue on a wood. Glue pattern around the perimeter. After all is dry, cover the hanger with clear acrylic lacquer.


towel hangers for bathroom

Decide where you’d like your hooks and screw them into the wood, using pliers if necessary.

That’s it! This hanger is perfect for towels, scarves, clothes, purses, etc.

The possible applications are almost limitless.


towel hangers for bathroom

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