Сoffee beans Christmas Tree

Сoffee beans Christmas Tree
DIY Make Coffee Beans Christmas Trees

Christmas and New Years 2013 will come very soon. It’s time to think about preparing for the holidays. We offers today make a Christmas tree from coffee beans.

You needs:

– Coffee beans
– The basis (cardboard cone)
– Brown threads
– Glue
– brushes
– Christmas decoration (beads, bows)

Take a cardboard cone and lubricate it glue, then wrap it with a brown threads.
Then proceed to gluing the a first row of coffee beans.  Generously grease the bottom portion of the cone with glue and attach to the base of the grain so that they were located as close as possible to each other. Position beans horizontally, vertically, or at an angle, keeping the direction uniform.
Then proceed to the next row. So continue adding rows of coffee beans until top, working small sections at a time. Let dry completely.


Сoffee beans Christmas Tree

Decorate the Christmas trees. You can use the ribbons and beads. Now apply a drop of glue to the top of the tree  attach a bow.


Сoffee beans Christmas Tree

Сoffee beans Christmas Tree

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