Doors: kids room decorating ideas

kids room decor
Doors: kids room decorating ideas

Kids room is a world filled with fairy tale. Doors to the kids room must meet fairytale world of the child and create the aesthetics of his world. Comfort and fantastic world of childhood is not possible without doors.

Make fun kids room with colorful doors using acrylic and alkyd paints and open it to guests.

Paint the doors and walls with paint in bright, vibrant colors. Draw circles of different sizes asymmetrically. This technique is a great design solution for the kids room.


We need:

Acrylic wall paint: white and blue colors

Alkyd paint blue color for the door

Paint rollers

Double-sided adhesive tape

Masking tape





Cut out circles of different sizes of plastic, attach them to the door at random and draw out a pencil.

Paint the circles with white color. You can apply two coats of paint.

Glue the two-sided adhesive tape to the plastic circle. Attach the pockets on top.

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