Easter crafts for preschool

Easter crafts for preschool
Easter crafts for preschool

We offer some simple Easter ideas. You can decorate the home with your kids. Try to decorate the house and fill it with warmth and joy.


Small fluffy yellow chicks in a basket


You will need:

Chenille Stems – furry Wire for ornamental work

White or yellow Craft Pompoms

Hot melt glue gun

1. Cut off a piece of wire (for the chick head) and curl up in a tight spiral. Cut the second piece (for the wings) and twisted at both ends to get the curved element.

2. Take a white pompom, glue chick head and the wings at it. Glue the paper eyes and chick beak.

Easter crafts for preschool



1. Cut the wire into 4 pieces, put them in the form of snowflakes and glue in the center. Weave a wire basket. For the stability you can cut out a small circle of cardboard and glue it to the bottom of the basket.

2. Twist the two pieces of wire; attach it to the edge of the basket as a handle. Decorate the basket with ribbons.


Funny rabbits


You will need:

White cotton pompoms (if they are the same size, some can even trimming scissors to reduce)

Orange and white felt

Beads for eyes, glue


1. Reduce one pompom. It is bunny tail. Glue two large pompoms together (head and body). Glue bunny tail behind. Cut a stand of white felt and attach body on the stand.

2. Cut two eyes of orange felt and glue to the head. You can also glue the two black beads – eyes and nose – satin ribbon bow.


Easter crafts for preschool

Easter crafts for preschool

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