Easy origami for kids

Easy origami for kids-dogs
Easy origami for kids

We are pleased to present simple origami projects. Give free rein to your creativity and make artistic decorations for the home.

Children like origami. They are delighted and sincerely surprised to see how a regular piece of paper turns into a crane, a butterfly or an airplane.

You can attract kids from the age of 2 to master this direction in needlework . First, teach the kid to perform simple manipulations: fold a sheet of paper in half. Sit next to him and on your piece of paper and show step by step all the actions.

Do several repetitions of the task until it is done correctly. Then you can start making simple crafts.

easy origami for kids - make origami cat

 - make origami cat

an origami cats

Origami easy and fun to make: nice flowers

Paper folding steps to make an origami flowers

Paper folding steps to make an origami boat

Paper folding steps to make an origami frog

DIY marine animals nice fish

Paper folding steps to make an origami house


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