Fabric Christmas Tree

Fabric Christmas Tree
Fabric Christmas Tree

On the eve of the Christmas many people want to decorate a home something unusual and original. Things made by the hands, always uplifts a mood and creates a holiday atmosphere.
We will make an interesting Fabric Christmas Tree in two contrasting colors.

We will need:

fabric in two colors
scissors, thread, a needle
a small piece of plasticine
ribbons for decoration.

Here we propose to use this pattern:


Fabric Christmas Tree

Start collecting design. To do this, fold the details inside out. Sew the two pieces of the same color on the outer contour. Consistently collect Christmas Tree. Sew it  the straight sides, alternating parts of different colors. It is important that all the parts were folded inside out.


Fabric Christmas Tree

Leave a small opening at the base of the future Christmas trees. Wrap the tree the  on the right side and fill the filler tightly. Sew a Christmas tree at the bottom, leaving a small hole equal to the diameter of a pencil. Sew the Christmas tree along  through two intersecting perpendicular planes conventionally (as shown in the photo) to give it the desired shape.

Insert the pencil and decorate the Christmas tree with beads  or miniature Christmas ornaments. Put the tree in a flower pot and attach it to the bottom with plasticine. Decorate a flower pot with ribbons.


Fabric Christmas Tree

Fabric Christmas Tree

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