art deco inspired jewelry

fabric flower tutorial
fabric flower tutorial

Art Deco captured the modern world of fashion. This fashion trend did not leave anyone indifferent. Art Deco is a noble, but at the same time, glamorous style. It is the  fine ladies style, who knows a lot about good clothes and fine jewelry.
To today, manufacturers of accessories show a great interest in pearls, flowers and noble metals.

Therefore we offer to see the video, which is very popular shows you how to make a fabric flower.



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Cute decorating ideas
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Posted June 8, 2013

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Small decorative bouquet decorates your desk, bedside table, coffee table or even a shelf in the bathroom. To support the color schemes, you can choose the fabric for flowers, repeating the curtains, bedspreads, upholstery and cushions. Each flower consists of

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Lace flowers

Today we offer to make a lace flower for decoration. You can use the flower as a brooch and as a napkin rings, etc.   We will need: Scissors, lace, large buttons or beads, a thick fabric (it can be

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how to make a flower wreath

Continuing the theme of autumn decor we want to show you how to make a flower wreath. Wreath as the bright accessory for your home. We need: 1. the basis on which we will attach the flowers. It can be