Fall home decor: wreath on door from natural materials

Fall home decor: wreath
Fall home decor: wreath

Fall leaves create a pretty good image, and can be used in a variety of ways to decorate your home in the fall season.
You can make a fall wreath.

You will need:

• Form for the wreath (you can cut out of cardboard);
• glue gun;
• bright fall leaves (the number depends on the size of your wreath and size of the leaves).


Fall home decor: wreath

Glue the leaves on the wreath.


Fall home decor: wreath

Fall home decor: wreath

Allow the glue to dry a little bit and the wreath is ready!

Fall home decor: wreath

However, should not limit yourself only bright leaves: wreaths of oak branches with acorns,  various dried herbs, small apples and pumpkins, woven into the wreath base, add a nice variety and sophistication into the home decor.


Fall home decor: wreath

Fall home decor: wreath

Fall home decor: wreath

Fall wreaths you can not just hang on the wall or door, and put them around the candles, vases and other items to decorate the room.


Fall home decor

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