Floral patterns on a tea set

Floral patterns

Floral designs for crockery – not just the traditional pattern-sets of our grandparents, the new trend of today’s designers, but also an easy way to add variety to the kitchen decor. Today we offer you to make a simple floral pattern on the tea set.

You will need:

White tea set
Watercolors and brush
Paper towel, a saucer of water (for washing brushes)
printing services


Draw a pattern on paper. Each flower will be used only once in the tea set, so you need to draw 30-40 flowers . You can also draw a few flowers, scan them and print on a color printer.

In this step, we need the help of professionals. In the  printing arts print out the patterns on a transparent adhesive film (adhesive paper). Cut each pattern separately and glue it to the tea set.


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June 25, 2012

hand painted tea cups and mugs

You will need: tea cups or  mugs paint on porcelain and ceramics brush   Stages of the master class. Draw the contour in the pre-degreased surface. We give contour to dry.   Fill the picture paints with a brush.