flower wall decor

flower wall decor

This Wreath requires minimal equipment and very little material. All work is done manually. Time spent on the production of no more than an one hour. This cute gift, I think, will please any romantic lady. Suspension simulates a bouquet or flower bed.

You will need:

Strips of tissue about the size of 2×7 inches (19 pcs. or more), lace, wide ribbon, narrow ribbon, cardboard, super glue.


If you want to be more puffy rolls, you need to glue the fabric synthetic padding. Fold the fabric strip in half and roll up. Follow the instructions in the photo.


One roll is set in the center. Put around the ring of 6-rolls. Put the ring of 12-rolls.


Cut a cardboard circle.  Glue it. You can also use a glue gun.


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