Gilded mirror frame

Gilded mirror frame
Gilded mirror frame

You can turn ordinary furnishings in masterpieces even with a modest budget.

Painting, photographic pictures and mirrors in massive frames give the house warm. If you decorate them in an unusual way, even the most simple, the interior will find a chic.

You need:



acrylic primer spray

gold effect spray paint

decorative flowers


masking tape;


glue stick;

quick drying glue.


Glue a protective film on the mirror surface with masking tape, not to soil the mirror.

Shake the acrylic primer within 2-3 minutes. Apply it on the mirror frame and give 20 minutes to dry.

Glue decorative tape around the mirror frame perimeter, using a glue stick. Paint the mirror frame using the gold effect spray paint.

Paint dries within 24 hours. Glue the decorative flowers with quick drying glue.


Gilded mirror frame

Gilded mirror frame

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