Handmade Christmas decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations
Handmade Christmas decorations

We like Christmas and the associated feeling : the carefree joy, fun and waiting for a miracle. All we prepare for this holiday – lay the table , choose gifts, decorate the Christmas tree.

Beautifully decorated Christmas tree creates a truly festive atmosphere. If you can make Christmas decorations ​​with his own hands , your Christmas tree will be unique!

You will need:
Balloons – 1-2 pieces .
a mixture of half PVA glue and half water
2 teaspoons sugar
Universal transparent adhesive
red spray paint and gold spray paint
Sequins, glitter and ribbons for decoration

Inflate balloon small size. It is a form of our Christmas decoration.
Mix water and sugar , add glue . Sugar will give additional adhesive quality.
Prepare a small spools of thread to create each individual decoration , and then dip each coil into the adhesive mixture. Pull the thread through your fingers to drain off the excess and wrap it around a balloon.
Continue wrapping sticky threads around the balloon until it is mostly covered (about one skein per balloon). Using two colours of thread gives a nice effect. Repeat the process with several balloons then tie some spare thread around the top and hang them up to dry.
After about 24 hours the thread will have dried. Using a pin, pop the balloons and pull them out of the middle.
Paint the Christmas balls outside and inside using spray paints.
Glue sequins using universal adhesive.
For additional decor , you can use tape , beads.


Handmade Christmas decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations

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