DIY: hanging shelves

DIY: hanging shelves
hanging shelves

It is perfect for the living room, kids room, bathroom. Making an shelves are very simple.

You will need:
wooden boards;
wwog paint  and a wide flat brush;
stout sisal twine;
thin wooden sticks for fixers.


Drill holes in the shelves according to the thickness of a twine.  Paint the shelves in the selected color.


Thread the twine in the following order: bottom shelf – medium – the top – the free part for hanging – upper – middle-bottom. Perform the same operation for the part adjacent to the wall. Check the height, the horizontal level and secure the free end of twine large “sea” node. Wooden sticks cut into short lengths. Fasten the sticks under the shelves in the twine.

Hang the shelves on sturdy metal hook.


Option for the bathroom:


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