Happy Birthday Postcard: Balloons

Happy Birthday Postcard
Happy Birthday Postcard: Balloons

To create a card, we need:

Colored paper;







Take the cardboard and fold it in half.

Cut out of colored paper balls of different diameter (4.7 cm.)

Cut a small triangle. Sticking to their circles (base ball) and attach the thread to the triangle with adhesive tape.

As a result, you should make about 35 balls.

Happy Birthday Postcard

Now you must make check boxes.

Cut out triangles, glue the ends together and attach at the thread. Number of flags must meet the number of letters in an inscription (Happy Birthday!).

The length of the received garlands should be around 25 cm. It is necessary to leave the small ends of the thread for fixing.

Happy Birthday Postcard

Then make as shown in the photos.

Happy Birthday Postcard

Happy Birthday Postcard

Glue the balls at postcard.

Write a greeting garland, fasten it to the postcard and cut off any excess threads.

Happy Birthday Postcard


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