Headband Kerchief tutorial

Headband Kerchief tutorial
Headband Kerchief

Кerchief-length 37.5  and width 20 cm,
Jumper length 17cm , width 8cm,
elastic length 10cm, width 3cm.
On thingies – two length kerchief and width 5 cm.
Follow the instructions on the photo.

Lay the elastic down along the bottom edge and fold up the fabric aproximately 1 1/2″ so that it more than covers the elastic band.  You want to have about 1/4″ of extra fabric space beyond the elastic so that when you stitch it you won’t hit the elastic, which needs to be able to move freely inside the fabric “sleeve” that you’re creating.  Pin everything in place and stitch.
The only thing left to do is connect the two ends of elastic to each other with a few zigzag stitches.


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