Decorative heart of the buttons

hearts decorations

Today we offer a very simple, but at the same time, a sweet idea – the heart of the decorative buttons. Even a child can do this simple crafts for gifts.

• a thin metal wire
• A set of buttons
• tweezers or pliers
• pencil and paper format A4

1. Draw on a sheet of paper form that you would like to make. In our example – is heart.


2. We select the buttons so that they match each other in size and color.

3. Cut the right amount of wire, preferably with a small margin.


4. Buttons strung on a wire. Firmly fix the buttons next to each other.


5. When the heart is completely ready, twist the loose ends, and cut off the excess with pliers.


In addition, we can further decorate the heart with ribbons, flowers or other small hearts.


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